Friday, June 24, 2016

How Online Essay Writers Can Improve Your Work

Essay service online

Have you ever wondered how other students score their high marks? If you ask your friends how they tackled an assignment, they may recommend using an essay writing services. They'll tell you that ordering essay online really helped them out, and that's why they did so well. The fact is that using an essay you've purchased from an essay writing service can make a big difference to the quality of your work overall, if you use it in the right way - as a learning tool. Simply submitting a paper you've bought won't do anything to help improve your writing skills, but if you study what the writer of your paper has done, you can learn a lot about how to structure a paper and organise your argument. There are some valuable lessons to pick up, and a smart student is always looking for ways to improve their writing.

How essay writers can make your work better

It's important to be sure that a custom essay writer will be working on your paper. Original work will teach you a lot more than simply buying a general paper that's not specifically answering the question you've been set. You'll see how the writer has chosen to take one of many potential approaches to the topic, and that should help you to see other possible ways you could tackle it. Your online essay writer is a professional, so you can also look at their general style and the language they use. With everything that you've learned, you can not only use it to write the paper yourself, but you can also apply those lessons to other papers that you're set. It's not easy to acquire the ability to write a great essay, but the lessons that you learn when you study a custom paper you've purchased can certainly help you on the way to better writing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Essay writers are 21st century angels

Life is not fair. Life is not supposed to be fair. The world would be an awful place if it were, and it is already a pretty horrible place! There are no natural laws that state life should be fair, and it isn't, so why are we vilifying essay writers? They are evening the score. They are leveling the playing field. They are making an unfair system a little fairer.

How are essay writers online supposed to help?

When you hire an essay writer, you are leveling the playing field. Think about the fact that some students have private tutors, and some are read to from an early age, and some are given fish in the morning instead of a TV remote. Some students have a better chance of doing well in college and school, and that is unfair, which is why essay writing services are helping. They are making it so that the students with the unfair deal may still score as highly as the students that got a good start in life.

Hiring an online essay writer

It is as easy as going to an essay writing services website and saying, "Write my paper for me." They will give you a quote and write your essay for you, it is as simple as that. There is no need to speak to an advisor, or give them your personal details. Plenty of students use one-time email addresses that they close when their written project is completed to be sure that no other person ever finds out that they used the writing service.

If you get a good essay writer, then keep using that writer or that service until you are happy you have regained your personal advantage. If you are messed around by a service, then keep looking for one and trying them until you find a good one. We know you'll find us in the end - because we are that good service.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hire the Best Essay Writer Online

I know other students struggle to find essay-writing services, and what bothers me the most is the risks they take when they use them. Some are handing in works that have been re-written or poorly crafted and they don’t know it until they are on their first warning from their professor. 

It’s not fair that some students use essay writing services and get great grades/marks, and that some use essay writing services and are failed. So, here I offer the best essay writing services online at this time that I reviewed personally.

It has cost me a lot of money to test as many as I used, and I do admit that some of them promised more than they delivered, but I have whittled the list down to only the best. I do suggest that if you ever try using an essay writing service that you give them a small and unimportant project first to see how well they do before potentially wasting money or risking a bigger project on an unknown company.


The Rush My Essay team is made up of some of the finest writers in the writing industry. They all have at least a degree, and they all write custom essays. Their service is in confidence, and they have not missed a deadline in the last 3 years. They are a fully functioning and increasingly popular writing service that is being used by both students and people in the business community.

Their prices range from $19.99 to $23.99 for ten-day deadlines and $41.99 to $52.99 for three-hour deadlines. They have their quality levels set at standard, premium and platinum. They also have discounts you can apply.

Service Quality
I have never had or heard any complaints about their service or how they do things. They seem to play things straight down the line and get your work back to you within the deadline. They are hard to fault as essay writing services.

Customer Support
I had a few online chats with their customer service department just to see how good they were. I was happy to see that they didn’t keep me waiting or put me in a queue, and in the end I found nothing to complain about. review


Originally created to help High School students write their essays, they have slowly expanded their team so they may handle college and university essays and dissertations. They have writers that have degrees in almost all academic fields, which mean if you are attending a college or university, they will have somebody on hand to do your work for you at your request.

Prices prices range from $22.00 to $27.00 for ten day deadlines. Their three hour deadlines come to between $53.99 and $60.99. The prices relate to their quality bands, though there are discounts you can apply to lower the price.

Service Quality
The quality of their writing is very good. Their level of competence is often above and beyond the standard you pay for, which is a bonus. I also like how they add a little flavor to their essays instead of being clinical about it.

Customer Support
I found their customer service department to be very efficient and helpful. They have all the answers right there so you don’t have to wait around whilst they look stuff up. It was very encouraging. review


The quality of their work is without question, but what many people do not know is the size of their massive team. They have so many writers on staff that they do not turn students away, even during peak periods. They have been established since 1997, and despite a rocky start, they have grown into one of the most respected online writing services. Their discount system is also a little more unique than their competitors are.

Their prices start as low as $19.99 per page if you have projects that require ten-day deadlines. Their three-hour deadlines are far more expensive between $51.99 and $57.99. Apply their discounts on your bulk orders and use their quotation tool to get your price.

Service Quality
Their papers are superior especially when it comes to finding credible and new resources. They were able to get their hands on research before our online library were able to gain access to it, and they referenced it so I could brag to my professor about how I dug it up.

Customer Support
I got in touch with the customer service department just before placing my order. They answered my questions very effectively and were very keen to find out if there was anything else they could do for me. review


The Ivory Research team is often eager to brag about how quickly they are able to produce high quality and customized essay, and their boasts shouldn’t be taken lightly. They have set up business and writing processes with an intricate net of guards and fail-safes that make it almost impossible for their writers to miss their deadline and/or produce sub-standard work. They are worth a look if you need your essay writing quickly.

Prices starts at between $30.01 and $37.52 if you are looking for a ten-day deadline. The prices depend on the quality band you choose. Their three hour deadlines costs between $78.06 and $87.07. They have discounts of up to 15% for very large orders.

Service Quality
For their prices, I was expecting a little more flair or something very different, but the pieces I submitted to my professor scored very well. In other words, they can write exceedingly good papers, but they are rather clinical and to the point. Such a thing scores highly but makes for less effervescent reading.

Customer Support
I didn’t get time to give them a call, but I did use their live chat function. The team seemed pretty savvy both on the subject of their service, and how my college works and how they want credible references based on my own reading list.

Essay-on-time review

I found essay-on-time to be one of the most reliable writing services on my list. It is not so much that they are better at deadlines because all of my top writing service reviews are of services that do not miss deadlines. The difference is the consistency of their work. When you order a paper of a certain quality today, it will have the same level, style and tone of the one you order the week after or month after unless you specify otherwise.

The essay writing service prices are between $19.99 to $23.99 for almost any ten-day deadline. Their prices are between $41.99 and $52.99 quicker three-hour deadlines. Try their quotation tool for a quick and easy personalized quote.

Service Quality
As mentioned earlier, they are very consistent in the way they produce their papers. As an essay writing service, they have found a way of measuring the quality of their work and then reproducing it with an almost frightening accuracy. It makes them one of the most dependable writing services.

Customer Support

Their toll free numbers are good and they offer them all day and night long, but I found it easier to contact them via their online chat system, which also operates 24-hours a day. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

How To Distinguish A Bad Essay Writer From A Good One

When you're looking for an essay writer online, it's a bewildering task to know who to use. There are so many essay writing companies out there; how on earth can you tell who to trust with helping you out? How can you tell a good writer from a bad one? It's almost enough to make you give up and not bother, which is a shame when you really need help. But if you're careful, you can find an excellent online essay writer who will deliver just what you need to help you get great grades and make your tutor (and you) very happy. As with any service, you need to do your homework and read up on the companies you are thinking of using. Look at their website, and read what online reviews have to say about them.

Way to opt for the best essay writers

Good companies ensure that they only employ the best online essay writers, with plenty of experience in writing the kind of essay that tutors are looking for when they set a topic. A good essay company ensures that all their writers have achieved either a Master's degree or a PhD, which means that you can be confident that you will be assigned a writer with ample knowledge of your subject and how to craft an excellent essay. They won't ask a science graduate to work on an essay about literature or history! So check up on the kind of writers they employ and the qualifications they have; the information will be on their website. Some essay writing companies allow you to choose one of their Top Ten writers, which is a worthwhile investment if you want to be sure that your work will have been written by the best of the best - and it won't be as expensive as you might fear.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to Order Essays from Essay Writers

essay writer
Ordering from an essay writing service is easy if you pick a good one. They will not make you call or email for a quote, they will not take a long time to give you a quote, and they will not make you speak to a sales person. The best essay writing services have free and no-obligation quotation systems, they have a confidential service, and their process is 100% online.

Do not worry about picking essay writers themselves

Many writing services do not make you pick your own essay writer; they will assign one for you. They pick the best writer with the most experience and relevant qualifications to work your project.

Get a free no-obligation quote

Use their free quotation system to find a price that suits you. Many times there are options that allow you to pick a deadline and choose your page count in a way that generates different prices for you to pick from.

Give them as many details as you can

Don’t forget that the essay writer has to write your essay from scratch, so he or she needs all the information you have. This means the writer needs the preferred reading list that your professor gave, all the essay questions, all the notes, and the marking guide if it was given. The professor may also give you notes as clues to ways of getting a better grade, so you should give those to your essay writer online via their essay writing service website.

Wait for your essay to be completed

They should send your essay to you via email. It is best that you pick up the email off campus incase the college/university computers have spyware placed there by the administration (which is legal in most states). Put your name to the work and submit it as your own efforts. It will not have been rewritten or copied, so there is no way the college or university faculty will know you didn’t write it unless you are silly enough to tell them.